Designer Delivers ‘Cookie Resume’ In A Box, Lands Dream Job

Some jobseekers spend hours poring over their resumes hoping to get everything just right and land the job of their dreams. Then there are people like Crystal Nunn who think WAY outside of the box.

Nunn, an illustrator and product designer, decided a resume wasn’t enough to get the job she had pinned her hopes on for an entire year. Instead of simply emailing her resume, she upped the ante by baking vegan cookies and delivering them to the company in a specially designed box. Her ‘cookie resume’ not only landed her the position but she also ended up getting free chocolate.

Her unconventional idea began taking place when she saw an opening for junior designer at We Are Social, an agency she had been following for a while. In order to impress recruiters, Nunn researched the company structure and applied some branding strategies she had been studying. It turned out that one of the people she needed to impress was James Nester, who was coincidentally the co-founder of the Beyond Dark brand of chocolates.

'Cookie Resume'

After some brainstorming, Nunn decided she needed to incorporate the chocolate into her scheme. She experimented with vegan cookie recipes for two weeks, designed a box inspired by Beyond Dark, made the hourlong drive to the company and delivered her cute package wrapped in brown paper, along with her resume and portfolio on a USB.

“The only problem was that I’d never tried to bake something so complex, my eggless cookies up to this point were a screaming disaster! I had to learn how to bake good, fast! Over the course of a couple of weeks, through much trial and error, I finally devised a recipe that worked, and I’m telling you, those vegan cookies were so damned tasty! It was a serious accomplishment in itself, if I was not successful in my application, at least I had learnt an incredible new skill… but of course, I wasn’t going to let myself NOT get that job! After all, I had been yearning for it for 12 months!, ” Nunn blogged.

Within an hour after dropping off her ‘cookie resume’ she was contacted on Twitter with news that she landed an interview. Not only did she get the job she also received nearly her body weight in free Beyond Dark chocolate, as well as a consultation role with the chocolatier.

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