DIY: House Plant Cupcakes

Materials Needed:

A batch of pre-baked cupcakes


Graham Crackers or Teddy Grahams®

Icing dye: Green, Yellow, Red


Pastry bag

Icing tips: #352, #21, #102 (roses)




houseplantcupcakediyStep #1: Bake your cupcakes. In an effort to not too realistically portray potted house plants, I decided to leave the liners on the cupcakes (instead of covering them in a clay fondant pot).These unbleached liners are great when going for a natural look.

Step #2: Once your cupcakes are baked, add some icing into a bowl and add green dye – I used the Wilton “Moss Green” dye for mine. As you can see from the photo, just a little dye is needed.

Step #3: Now for this step most people use graham crackers, but I love the honey flavor Teddy Grahams because they’re a bit lighter in color, which makes the dirt look more like sand (the look I was going for with these house plants). Process the teddy grahams in a food processor until semi-fine and transfer them to a bowl.

Step #4: Ice your cupcake and then dip it face-down into the bowl of processed grahams, making sure to completely cover your cupcake. Now, you have your base for all of your house plants. And, make sure to save your extra icing, because you’ll need it later!!

DIY- House Plant Cupcakes

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