Dulcey The New Blond Chocolate from Valrhona

Discover Dulcey, the new smooth, creamy chocolate with a velvety and enveloping texture and a warm, blond color. The first notes are buttery, toasty and not too sweet, gradually giving way to the flavors of shortbread with a pinch of salt.

Although just introduced, Dulcey has already won two distinguished awards: Le Grand Prix de l’Innovation (Grand Prize of Innovation) at the renowned SIRHA food trade show in Lyon, France, and the Readers’ Prize from La Toque, a magazine for artisan bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, confectioners and ice-cream makers.

One day, Chef Frederic Bau, from L’Ecole du Grand Chocolat, forgot some white chocolate in a bain-marie to melt. Ten hours later, he was drawn by the delicious aroma that reminded him of roasted Breton shortbread: the white chocolate has turned blond, a color never seen in chocolate before, wafting a new aroma, reminiscent of caramelized milk.After eight years of research, Valrhona finally developed the perfect recipe to transform this discovery into a stable couverture with a formidable 12-month shelf life.

The new Dulcey couverture clearly distinguishes itself from any other chocolate due to its unique composition, production process and flavor profile.  With its delicately sweet taste that marries intense biscuit flavors with a pinch of salt, a creamy texture, hints of caramelized milk, and unique blond color, Dulcey offers chefs and chocolatiers brand new tools to continue to push their creative boundaries and please customers.

Thanks to its unparalleled blond color, our chefs recommend Dulcey for molding, ganache and cremeux. Its smooth texture and delicately sweet taste makes it ideally suited for bonbons.

For pastry chefs, Dulcey is perfect for creamy patisseries, and pairs ideally with caramel, coffee, and hazel nut flavors, as well as lightly acidic fruit mango, banana and apricots.

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