Eating The World’s Most Expensive Foods in One Day Costs $95, 065

Ever wondered what it would be like to dine like a king? Indulge in only the finest foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, it’d cost you about $95, 065 a day – that’s more than the average American makes in a year!

That’s according to this enlightening infographic from real estate brokerage firm Goodale Miller Team. Just one look and you’ll notice that eating like royalty means dishing out top dollar for luxurious goods like caviar, truffles, lobster and Wagyu beef.

So what would it’d be like to eat the world’s most expensive foods in one day? Breakfast would cost about $5,200 if you decided to start off your day with juicy first-harvest Brisbane mangos, which sell for $4,200 a piece. That would be followed by a “zillion dollar” lobster frittata.

Lunch would consist of pule, the world’s most expensive cheese made of only the finest Serbian donkey milk. The world’s most expensive soup, a pricey bacon sandwich and other goodies would round out your mid-day meal for a total of $63,670.

If you haven’t satisfied all your cravings just yet then dinner will be the highlight of your day. For just $31,395 you can feast on the world’s most expensive sushi, which comes wrapped in edible gold leaf and brings African diamonds and pearls. Never mind the decadent $25,00 desserts.

Eating The World's Most Expensive Foods in One Day Costs

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