Edible Flower Ice Cubes from Salted & Styled

We wrote about how to use edible flowers (like nasturtiums, pansies, and the unfortunately named borage) in your cooking and cocktails as a celebration of the spring blooms that were starting to hit farmers’ markets at the beginning of the season. Now that the weather’s getting all hot and sticky, though, it’s time to move to something a little cooler: Edible Flower Ice Cubes.

Photographer Chia Chong and food stylist Libbie Summers came up with this brilliant, simple, and beautiful idea for their award-winning blog, Salted & Styled. Using boiled, distilled water (for ice clarity) and a two-stage flower-freezing process, the pair managed to keep the colors bright and the flavors floral, perfect for slow melting in a summer cocktail. They recommend drinking it with Lillet, but anything on the lighter side should work great, like our Sparkling Tarragon Gin Lemonade or Strawberry Muddle.

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