‘Edible Growth’ Offers 3D Printed Appetizers

Next time a starter comes to your restaurant table it may be in the form of a 3D printed appetizer. That’s thanks to Edible Growth, a 3D printer developed by Chloé Rutzerveld, an industrial design student at the University of Eindhoven.

Rutzerveld’s 3D printer uses nutritional ingredients like seeds, yeast and spores to print mini pastries. The 3D printed appetizers take five days to ‘bloom’ – the transformation is so dramatic you’ll see fungi and baby greens sprouting through the intricate crust.

The Edible Growth 3D printing process allows the user to ‘harvest’ food directly from the source, shortening the link between the farm and the table. Also, it helps reduce food waste since the 3D printed appetizers can be printed when needed.

No doubt, Rutzerveld has developed a clever invention with much potential. We’ve already seen similar advances in the pastry field thanks to 3D sugar printers. Edible Growth may peak NASA’s attention as the space agency previously announced plans to fund the development of a 3D pizza printer for astronauts.

Offers 3D Printed Appetizers

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