Eristoff vodka by Oxmo Puccino

Eristoff has embarked upon its first artistic collaboration by teaming with the rapper Oxmo Puccino and the street artist Mambo.

With their round abstract shapes and contrasting colors, the new designs by Mambo and Oxmo Puccino give Eristoff’s bottles an edgy urban style.

The Mali-born hip hop artist and the Franco-Hungarian painter worked together to create limited edition labels for four of the brand’s products: Eristoff Premium Vodka, Black, Red and Blood Orange.

Behind the bar at nightclubs, cocktail fans might also spot an additional version with a design intended to be lit from behind.

A QR code on each of the limited edition bottles invites art lovers to watch a video on the design process. The limited edition goes on sale from October 1 in France, priced at €12.50 per bottle.

Eristoff vodka by Oxmo Puccino

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