Fancy A Picasso In Your Latte?

Latte art is all the rage now, what with pretty Rosettas stealing hearts everywhere. It’s not something you’ll find at your nearest Starbucks, but pop by any respectable café and order a flat white or a latte and you’ll definitely be admiring your barista’s nifty work of art. But now, you can admire more than a Rosetta or some hearts in your latte — and you can even do it yourself.

Using patented printing technology, the machine creates what they call “inspiring Ripples”, from any image or text you’d like to have on top of the foam layer of your coffee. Fancy a cup of coffee with a miniature work of Van Gogh as your latte art? Sure. What about your own face staring back at you? If you really want that. After all, it only takes seconds to transform your run-of-the-mill Flat White into a delightful experience. The Ripple Maker certainly lives up to its moniker, and frankly makes latte art look a little passé.

Fancy A Picasso In Your Latte

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