Festive Easter Recipes and Food Ideas

If you are entertaining at home this Easter or you are invited to an Easter Potluck celebration, you want to have food that will score big with all of your guests or friends. Here are some ingenious, and mostly easy, Easter food ideas to help you create a tasty and impressive holiday menu that everyone can enjoy.

Golden Egg Cups


What better occasion than Easter to experiment with fun, new, sweet treats? These Golden Egg Cups are made from gold-painted egg shells and can be filled with chocolate mousse or any other kind of sweet filling. To remove the tops of the egg shells – use a simple egg top cutter. To fix the Golden Cups on a plate – use a touch of chocolate under each one.


Easter Bunny Salad & Cheese Carrots


This Bunny Salad from OneCharmingParty.com makes Easter entertaining super easy. Just prepare a simple, colorful, spring salad, tuck some Petits Palmiers into the greens to look like bunny ears, and you are done.

What appear to be real carrots, are something much more interesting – carrot-shaped Easter appetizers made from cheese. Topped with parsley sprigs and served with crackers or crudités, they make a spectacular addition to the Easter brunch menu (or the April Fools’ Day menu).

Get the Easter Cheese Carrots recipe at SheWearsManyHats.com


Mushroom Cookies & Bread Roll Chicks




Source: PineappleAndCoconut.com
Source: RhodesBread.com

Delight your family and guests at your Easter brunch or dinner with these whimsical mushroom cookies. The cookies will not only add a dose of spring-time feeling to the table, but will also make for a special Easter gift for friends.

Get the Mushroom Cookies recipe at PineappleAndCoconut.com

Easter get-togethers are the perfect time to roll out these adorable Bread Roll Chicks. They are a creative and satisfying treat that is easy to fit into your Easter preparations. Check out the video to see how to make them. For the recipe, head out to RhodesBread.com.


Carved Easter Eggs


Source: YouTooCanCook.net

Impress your guests with these innovative and interesting Carved Easter Eggs. It is hard to believe, but they are not made of or covered in chocolate. They are actually pilled, hard-boiled, naturally-colored eggs with pretty designs, drawn over them with a sharp knife. For the carving technique, visit YouTooCanCook.net


Easter Basket Cookies


Source: Tablespoon.com

Candy-filled Easter baskets are one of the popular Easter traditions, and now you can bring the baskets even to your party table. Bake a batch of these basket-shaped cookies, filled with Mott’s fruit snacks, and place one at each setting on the Easter table. Get the step-by-step instructions at Tablespoon.com.

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