Fiery Intensity: Nespresso Ristretto Intenso Grand Cru

Nespresso introduces its new, full-bodied Ristretto Intenso Grand Cru – its most intense Ristretto Grand Cru yet. The Ristretto Intenso is exceptionally intense and syrupy, rich in roasted notes. With this new Grand Cru Nespresso coffee experts have broken the highest intensity level of 10 offered by the Ristretto Origin India. Pushing its mastery and innovation to its limits, Nespresso has managed to increase the coffee intensity level to 12 with the Ristretto Intenso.

From start to finish, the Ristretto Intenso creation demonstrates a mastery of the art of coffee creation, from the green coffee selection, to the blending and roasting techniques employed. The Ristretto Intenso is a gourmet Robusta blend with an inclusion of a rare washed bean to ensure that the blend is intense without being harsh. Nespresso worked together with its coffee farmer partners in Brazil to move from mechanical high temperature drying process for the green bean to drying this Robusta variety naturally in the sun. The second Robusta bean is sourced in Guatemala and is also treated differently to the mechanical manner. It is treated through the wet drying method which ensures smoothness while keeping the intensity intact.

The Ristretto Intenso Grand Cru blend also includes an Arabica from South America which is separately roasted. This split roasting technique brings out the best characteristics of each coffee variety.

Fiery Intensity - Nespresso Ristretto Intenso Grand Cru

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