Finally, An App That Pairs Wine and Takeout

Let’s get real for a minute. Every time you enjoy a glass of wine it isn’t always accompanied by a gourmet meal, is it? Sometimes, you are too busy to cook and that’s when takeout becomes a lifeline. But just because you ordered out it doesn’t mean you don’t want to wash it all down with a nice glass of wine. That’s when this awesome wine and takeout food pairing app comes in handy.

Developed by the very talented folks at VinePair (who always have great info on vino, so do check them out), the app is incredibly easy to use. You simply go on the website, select the icon that best represents your meal – you can choose from about a dozen. Then decide if you want red or white wine.

Since we’re big fans of Indian food we tested the app to see which wine would pair best with a creamy curry. We were in the mood for red wine so we chose that option first. The app recommended a syrah, which ”stands up” to classic curries and ”cuts through the spice.”

Just out of curiosity, we also clicked on the white wine tab. According to the app, the semi-sweetness of a German riesling “tempers the spice perfectly.” We tried both pairings and they really worked.

Here, check out the wine and takeout food pairing app for yourself to see what to drink next time you order out. PLUS: 22 Vintage Wines and When To Drink Them

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Finally, An App That Pairs Wine and Takeout