Freshpresso orange

A real vitamin cocktail: orange tempered by vanilla charms the Arpeggio Grand Cru, with energy and vivacity.


In the first shaker, pour the fresh orange juice, the vanilla syrup and one ice cube


Put some crushed ice into the large recipe glass and pour mixture from the first shaked on top of it

Prepare the Arpeggio Grand Cru in espresso (40 ml / 1.5 oz), pour it into the second shaker

Add the vanilla extract, the sugar and one ice cube


Gently and slowly pour the contents of this second shaker into the recipe glass (on top of the first mixture)

Use a spoon to pour only the liquid and retain the froth in the shaker

With a spoon, take the froth trapped in the shaker and deposit it on the top of the recipe.

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Freshpresso orange