Future Pans Will Cook for You

This range of smart saucepans called SmartyPans promise to help even the clumsiest cook make perfect home cooked meals every time.

If you’re one of those people who always burns the bottom of the paella, can never seem to make those creamy scrambled eggs or somehow manage to kill every piece of steak you attempt, these pans are for you.

Built with a number of sensors, the pans link directly to an app on a users phone offering instructions on how to best cook the dish.

The pans can sense temperature, humidity and weight – displaying real time to feedback to the user with tips on how to make sure the meal is cooked perfectly. In recipe mode, the pans cam identify each ingredient as it’s added to the pan – displaying info on how much is needed and when.

The non-stick pans are made from aluminium and Teflon and the sensors will apparently run for one month an a one hour charge.

On top of direct monitoring of cooking the pans will automatically adjust if something is going to burn and can provide metrics on calories in a dish and the amount of people a meal will serve.

The designers behind the concept are hoping to pay for the project through crowd funding on the Indiegogo campaign. They hope to raise $90,000 with 24 days left on their campaign.

The pans are expected to ship in October 2015 and will cost around $189. Looks like a great device to pair with this hi-tech knife of the future.

Future Pans Will Cook for You

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