Giro d’Italia at La Foresteria

Two dates on February 2011 with the best wine-producers in Italy. On next February, two incredible engagements with some of the most famous Italian wine producers: Martin Foradori for Hofstätter (February 11th – 13th) and Elda Felluga for Livio Felluga (February 25th – 27th), who will reveal to a selected group of enthusiasts some of their most famous wines.

The meetings will take place in Menfi (AG) at “La Foresteria”, the Planeta new wine resort, three full immersion days entirely dedicated to wine. Two weekends of February, from Friday to Sunday, will be dedicated to each of the two producer and accompanied by culinary proposals of Angelo Pumilia, resident chef of La Foresteria.

The Sicilian cuisine, the recipes of Planeta’s house and the Italian regional cuisine will be matched with the ‘house’ wines and those of the producers, in a series of delightful and tasty surprises.

Elda Felluga from Livio Felluga winery

Productive reference and “patriarch” of the winemaking in Friuli, the story of Livio Felluga and his family goes thru the northeast Friuli between the events of the Habsburg empire , the young kingdom of Italy and two world wars. The fil rouge that combines the events it’s made of the activity that Livio has finally consolidated: with energy, courage and patience he has rearranged old vineyards, implanted new ones, introduced innovative ideas and methods.

Hard work and determination have generated a great result: a hilly extension, in Collio area and in the oriental Friulihills, of more than 160 acres of property, of which 135 are wineyards, a beautiful winery to visit, a Foresteria for guests. Besides the merit – now title – of refounder and promoter of the Friuli wine tradition. Tocai Friulano, Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon Blanc, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Merlot, are just some of the “working tools”” that Livio uses to convey his land.

The company is now led by sons Maurizio, Andrea, Filippo and the daughter Elda Felluga, also president of the Wine Tourism Movement in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Her wines, specially the whites, are today a stylistic reference of wine not only in Italy but worldwide.

Martin Foradori for Hofstätter winery

Termeno, also Tramin, is the place of Maria and Josef Hofstätter. His profession is the blacksmith, but Josef has the passion of wine, he produces it for passion. The years are those in between 800’s and 900’s. He offers it as “Home wine “ at the Schwarzer Adler, the inn of his wife Maria. The success is such that, as often happens in these cases, Josef changes his profession to devote himself entirely to wine. After more than a century Martin Foradori, great-grandson of Maria e Josef, leads one of the most beautiful realities on wine in the South Tyrolean and Italy too. The farms and vineyards are located on both sides of Val d’Adige at Termeno (Tramin), Egna (Auer) and Vadena (Neumarkt). The altitude varies between 250 and 750 m sea level for about 50 hectares of vineyard. Kolbenhof, Barthenau, Yngram and Steinraffler are names well known by enthusiasts.

A detailed note should be made on Tramin, considered the place of origin of the vine aromatic Traminer, or Gewürtztraminer, of which the winery Hofstätter is a delightful interpreter. The vineyards, the winery, the wine shop – wine bar for guests and a enchanting scenery invites to a visit in every period of the year.