GODIVA CNY Year of the Monkey Limited Edition

For the Lunar New Year, Belgian Royalty approved Chocolate, GODIVA proudly launches its 2016 Limited Edition Chinese New Year collection. The classic red gift box is illustrated with a lively monkey to depict the Year of Monkey. This year, GODIVA’s Limited Edition Chinese New Year Collection is inspired by Chinese tea, drawing the beautiful aromas of teas into the midst of the chocolates. Every bite consists of GODIVA’s rich blessing for the New Year.

2016 GODIVA’s Chinese New Year collection chocolates uses a lively monkey as its theme, filled with a variety of different chocolates and nuts to perfect the taste, this year GODIVA even uses a selection of Chinese tea, including Jasmine Green tea, Pu Erh and Oolong tea, bringing the essence of Chinese tea to a different level. The richness of the chocolates to the fragrance of the teas is a match made in heaven with every bite.

The light Jasmine green tea provides a smooth, refreshing aroma, layered with crunchy Piémont hazelnut paste, wrapped in a 50 percent dark chocolate, taking your taste buds on a brand new experience to cruise you through the new year.

The fragrance of Pu Erh tea melts into a rich 64 percent Peruvian dark chocolate, layered with delicate Hawaiian Macadamia nuts, wrapped in a creamy milk chocolate shell. The combination of this chocolate makes you want to dwell in the moment.

71 percent Ecuadorian chocolate is combined with the signature Chinese Oolong tea creating a perfect harmony. The bottom layer is a medley of soy nuts and walnuts, the monkey shell is crafted out of a smooth white chocolate layer, bringing happiness into the new year.


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