Golden Olive Oil – Taste of Luxury

The Lesina olive grove is situated on the southern part of the Island of Hvar, near the village of Sveta Nedjelja. 130 ancient olive trees spread over a 1ha area that is surrounded by steep vineyards and the sea. The care of the grove is entrusted to highly trained individuals who dedicate their life to constant professional growth and education and come from families with a long tradition of olive growing.

By limiting its production, Lesina has opted for maintaining the highest growing and production standards. Olives are grown traditionally, using only organic fertilizers without pesticides. Each olive is hand picked and no machinery is used. Olives are cold pressed.

Each olive tree is treated as a life form equal to man and is given proper care and nourishment.

Lesina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been consistently winning the highest awards at numerous international and local exhibitions (Winner of the “Olive Oil Award Zurich” 2008 Gold Medal).

Once you taste the oil, and feel the sense of joy coming from its every drop, you will understand why we chose to make the Golden Olive Oil.