Goodbye Nutcracker, Hello Nut Hammer

London designer Roger Arquer has designed a new and improved nutcracker that doesn’t leave a mess behind.

His sleek Nut Hammer is a throwback to his childhood and features an actual hammer with a small stainless steel head and a silicone sleeve designed to contain nuts.

Using it is quite easy: one would just insert the nuts in the silicone sleeve, wrap it over the hammer and pound away. Aside from looking way cooler than traditional nutcrackers this kitchen tool lets you work off any pent-up aggression.

Arquer designed the Nut Hammer for Dutch design brand Menu. He debuted his design at the Maison & Object 2014 show in Paris.

We’re convince the Nut Hammer would make a great addition to the holiday season and a nice gift for your hostess.

Goodbye Nutcracker

Watch it in action here: