Got a Big Yacht? You need the BAC MONO Marine Edition

Like the standard racer, the new Mono offers incredible performance but with the added bonus of easy winching onto a luxury yacht.

Set to make its global debut at the Monaco yacht show, the BAC Marine Edition Mono is aimed squarely at the super rich petrol head.

“Today’s super-yachts are paragons of exquisite taste, exceptional design, and the ultimate experience possible. It is only fitting that owners should be able to extend that experience beyond the vessel upon arrival,” said Andrew Whitney, Director of Strategy & Corporate Development at BAC.

The standard hand-built BAC Mono is already somewhat of a niche supercar. Conceived as a single seat, road-legal alternative to a full on Formula One racer, it has a 305bhp engine.

However, because the car only weighs 580kg, that powerplant delivers 525bhp per tonne meaning a 0-100km/h time of 2.8 seconds, which makes it faster than pretty much anything else on the road, including a Bugatti Veyron or any current Ferrari.

The Marine Edition comes with its own carbon fiber crane arm that’s compatible with all yacht crane systems, and the car itself has been given designated chassis lifting points for use with a lifting cradle or for affixing to a helipad.

It’s also been given a special anti-corrosion coating in case a marine-based accident occurs. The final touch is an Environmental Control Container System in which the car can be stored while at sea and protected from the elements. The owner can fine-tune temperature and humidity levels depending on where he or she is sailing.

The Marine Edition, although as simple as the standard edition — i.e., a single seat and an open Formula One style cockpit — can be customized inside and out based on the owner’s taste. Each example will be a bespoke, built-to-order car and prices will start at £500,000.

Yet despite the cost, the company is expecting the new model to be a hit, particularly in Asia and the US.

Got a Big Yacht

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