Guinness launches luxury $35 beer!

Guinness has released an “ultra-premium beer” brewed with both beer and whisky malt, made to be served in stemless CHAMPAGNE FLUTES.

Launched to coincide with the holiday season and the wild popularity of craft beer in the US, Guinness The 1759 is the first in a Guinness Signature Series that will see a range of limited edition “luxury” beers.

Only 90,000 bottles will be produced of The 1759, made with the same Guinness yeast that’s been used for more than 125 years.

Brewed with traditional beer malt and the same peated malt whisky used in Scotch whiskies, the result is an amber ale that delivers a butterscotch aroma with subtle hop notes, mellow caramel flavors and fruity sweetness.

The 25 oz bottle of beer serves four and has a suggested retail price of $35. It’s also recommended to serve the ale in stemless champagne flutes to maximize the flavor.

Guinness The 1759 will be available online at as well as other beer retailers and bars in the US later this month.

Guinness launches luxury $35 beer!

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