Hennessy and Jean-Michel Othoniel, Baroque Splendors

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Killian Hennessy, an emblematic figure of the Hennessy clan, the plastic artist Jean-Michel Othoniel provides a contemporary interpretation of a traditional liquor case for “Beauté du Siècle.”

A curiosity cabinet, a treasure chest: this object speaks of the Hennessy tradition in Jean-Michel Othoniel’s Baroque language. This creative interpretation, “Beauté du Siècle,” is a tribute to craftsmanship. More than ten types of artisans worked together to create this one-of-a-kind case. The shimmering sides of the case are the work of master glassmakers. The structure of the case, in cast aluminum, has been decorated with Jean-Michel Othoniel’s signature rings. Two Murano glass beads with an amber sheen, blown in the Salviati workshops, enhance the structure and echo the cognac contained within.

The discovery continues at the turn of a sculpted bronze key. Once the case is open, a button reveals a tasting service: a Baccarat crystal carafe sealed by a Guerlain baudruchage and set into an aluminum sheath, and four Murano glasses inlaid with gold leaf.

“Beauté du Siècle” is also the name of the cognac prepared for the occasion. Thus Yann Fillioux, Hennessy’s master blender, pays tribute to Killian Hennessy, whose collaboration through the years transformed him and imbued him with a deep respect. This one-of-a-kind cognac is a masterful blend of a hundred years’ worth of the best eaux de vie, selected and aged by Hennessy since 1907: a creation worthy of its outstanding case.

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