How to cure a hangover, sommelier-style

Your eyes are barely open but your mind is already wandering to places of angst, regret and deep-fried food. Yep, you’re hungover. But don’t despair, or at least try to contain that despair – with your salvation in mind, we’ve gone to the true booze professionals, the crack-troops of crapulousness, for the answers. Here, then, gentle reader, is what leading Australian sommeliers look to when the chips are down the morning after the night before.

Gabrielle Webster, Love, Tilly Devine, Sydney

It’s the three Bs: bacon, Bloody Mary and a beer.

Jacqueline Turner, Bellota, Melbourne

I do a little pho down in Victoria Street. That’ll give it away now – my parents will know that I’m hungover all the time.

Sharon Romeo, Fino, Willunga

A Bloody Mary and a short black.

Chris Morrison, Guillaume, Sydney

If I have to show my face with a hangover, then I go for a couple of super-spicy Bloody Marys or a Bloody Caesar. If I can stay at home, then all I ask for is a large packet of chicken-flavoured Twisties, a strawberry milk and a very dark room.

Penny Grant, Blackbird, Brisbane

Yum cha with a good amount of soy sauce, and a beer.

Jake Smyth, Mary’s, Sydney

Chocolate milk and a cold shower.

Banjo Harris Plane, Attica, Melbourne

I’m sitting in Heathrow Terminal Two with the mother of all hangovers after approximately eight days of solid drinking in Brussels, Paris and London. On this trip, I’ve found a quick bottle of something fresh and delicious at around 11.30am is the best way to dispel a hangover. Back in reality, a long shower followed by three macchiatos, a fresh orange juice and a toasted sandwich of prosciutto, Fontina, Roma tomato and cornichons generally does the trick.

Josh Donnelly, Aubergine, Canberra

Some very cold beer.

Joshua Picken, Orana, Adelaide

A Bloody Mary always works, or a greasy burger with a large Coke and a cup of ice.

Dan Sharp, Sixpenny, Sydney


Jay Bessell, Carlton Wine Room, Melbourne

Grappa and a short black.

Berri Eggert, Pinbone, Sydney

If I have to work it’s usually a Bloody Mary and a Berocca. If I’m at home and have time to recover, I usually ease myself back to life with Smith’s chips and Sprite.

Mark Protheroe, Grossi Florentino, Melbourne

It would have to be an Aperol Spritz. It’s a fantastic morning-after drink – it’s long enough to rehydrate but still has a bit of kick to it.

How to cure a hangover, sommelier-style

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