How to Smoke a Chicken without The Actual Smoke

There’s no denying that well smoked meat tastes absolutely amazing but there’s also no denying that smoking meat at home holds a fair few difficulties – mainly that most people don’t actually own a smoker or have a space in which they can smoke freely without scaring the neighbours.

With this in mind the creative team at ChefSteps have produced this simple recipe for smokeless smoked chicken – that’s right, all the sweetness of smoked chicken without the fuss of actually smoking it.

The trick with this recipe is to brine and glaze the bird using something called liquid smoke and the team say this helps give the chicken wonderful “deep, smoky flavour”.

You’re going to beed a few uncommon ingredients with some black strap molasses, liquid smoke and liquid aminos.

It takes a few days to do the job properly as you want to leave the chicken in the fridge after brining for at least 24 hours.

As with all the recipes from ChefSteps, it’s very detailed and covered everything you need to know to cook up your own smoky bird without the need for any smoke.

For those who want to get some serious smoke going at home, check out this portable smoke gun.

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How to Smoke a Chicken without The Actual Smoke

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