How to temper chocolate

The tempering is meant the technique allows the fat in the chocolate to crystallize (harden) in a stable and homogeneous form, which provides a bright, shiny surface (moulded or coated), brittle and having a smooth fracture ensures a long durability without being white.

When tempering chocolate at home, you should at least be based on 400 gram chocolate, if you need the chocolate to coat. You should also invest in a chocolate thermometer, the temperature is essential for a good result.

Tempering on board

The manual tempering melted the entire mass of the high temperature T1 (see table). Pour ¾ of this lot out of it is not cool marble table. Tablets (mix the mass towards the centre with two spatulas or palette knives) until you reach the temperature T2. Immediately pour the lot back into the bowl with the remaining amount not tempered chocolate and mix thoroughly. Gently heat the mass to temperature T3 – and hold this temperature throughout the work.

Tempering in a bowl

In this type of tempering melted ¾ of the full amount of chocolate to the high temperature T1. Chop the remaining chocolate finely and gradually add the chopped chocolate and let it melt in the warm chocolate until you reach the temperature T2. Warm then VERY shortly the chocolate mixture up to temperature T3.

Ideally, all chocolate should be stored outside the refrigerator at a temperature of 8 ° C. Since this can be difficult, so it is second best in a cool place with a constant temperature and no presence of strong smelling things. The important thing is that the temperature is constant. A rather a slightly higher storage temperature (about 15 ° -18 ° C), but constant is preferred. Chocolate can stick around for 1 year, but remember that what disappears first, is the flavour.