Introducing The Baguette Bag

We sort of wish we could scream April Fools at you but we can’t, it’s June and this bag to carry baguettes actually exists.

Created by CYAN, the Baguette Bag claims to ease all crumbly worries while making sure you’re never caught dead carrying a baguette.

Ok,it seems a little preposterous but if you’re day begins with a nice steady bike ride, slowly rolling to the local bakery to pick up a fresh baguette, this bag is just for you, and what a great sounding life you’re living.

There’s no chance of seeing baguette bags appear on the streets of Paris anytime soon. That’s because the idea is actually still a prototype that’s looking for funding over on the crowd sourcing site Wowcracy. At the moment the company have raised zero funds towards a 4,000 euro goal, however, with 58 days still left for investment, there’s still time.

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