Is ‘Just Add Water’ The Future of Food?

We often hear about the future of food. A not-so-distant time where actual food will be replaced by pills or concentrated powders that just require the addition of water.

Chicago studio Koz Susani Design unveiled a line of conceptual appliances that illustrate this intriguing concept at the Istanbul Design Bienniale. Aptly called Just Add Water, the line features nutrient-dense flavor capsules that can be turned into meals by just adding H2O.

One of the appliances is a water filter that not only gets rid of impurities but also adds flavors like cucumber and pomegranate to water. Then there’s the futuristic glass cooker that turns cube-shaped food capsules into warm soups and broths.

If that’s not enough to rock your world there’s also a special juicer which processes fresh fruit and protein pouches. There’s also a grinder that turns grains into flour with exotic flavors like cinnamon.

Finally, for those cold nights when nothing but a warm cup of tea will do there’s a sleek glass kettle that boils water and brews encapsulated teas.

All of the appliances at meant to be used at the table to encourage a sense of conviviality. Do you think these appliances are the future of food?

Is 'Just Add Water' The Future of Food

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