Italian Fennel Recipes

Beloved by Italians, fennel is highly underrated in America. Prized for its anise-like flavor, Italians find many creative uses for this summer vegetable. We thought we’d share a few fennel recipes to help get you inspired.

We begin our fennel fiesta with a colorful salad that makes a great side dish. This fennel and radicchio salad with gorgonzola is a must at any summer dinner party.


If you are looking for an elegant main course, try this lobster with orange and fennel confit dressed in single-origin Canino olive oil, one of Italy’s most exquisite varieties of extra virgin olive oil. This fine dish comes to us from Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli.


Another great main course is this fun sous vide recipe from Italian chef Giovanni Bon. This seasoned pork shoulder with fennel, sambuca and pistachios is simply superb.


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