Japan’s Latest Trend: Eggs That Smell and Taste Like Yuzu

Japan has already gifted the world heart-shaped watermelons and ping pong-sizes grapes, now the country is at the forefront of another trend: the yuzu tama, an egg that tastes and smells like yuzu, a beloved Japanese citrus fruit.

The yuzu tama looks like a regular egg but releases the pleasant aroma of yuzu once cracked. Yuzu has a pleasant tartness reminiscent of grapefruit and mandarin and is used in sweet and savory dishes across Japan and other Asian countries.

The eggs are produced at Yamasaki Farms on the island of Shikoku, which is famous for its yuzu orchards. No chemicals are involved in the process, instead farmers supplement the chicken feed with yuzu peels, kale, sesame seeds and corn, according to the farm’s website.

“Even though they’ve got a pleasing brown color, the yuzu tama don’t look any different from normal eggs, but they certainly smell different. Opening the package brought a tantalizing yuzu scent to our nose, even before we broke the shell,” Rocket News 24 reports.

As you can imagine, these naturally-flavored eggs would make an amazing addition to baked goods, especially delicacies like lemon curd and lemon bars.

So far, they are only available in Japan (in Kisho and Tokyo) where a six-pack sells for around 400-500 yen (an estimated US$3.36-4.20). If you don’t live in Japan, don’t despair. We’re sure it’s just a matter of time before other egg farmers around the world take a crack at this idea.

Japan's Latest Trend- Eggs That Smell and Taste Like Yuzu

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