Jimmy Choo Cocktails – Cotton Berry Cloud

A vodka-based, no added sugar frozen raspberry smoothie with a hint of fresh lime juice and elderflower liqueur to give the drink a romantic floral and honey flavor. The color is inspired by the sensual dark orchid found in the AW14 Women’s collection. Topped with a cotton-candy cloud and a golden high heel, this cocktail embodies the alluring passion present in the design of this season’s collection. A non-alcoholic version, Virgintini Berry.


1/4oz Laphioaig 18

1/2oz Lasanta

1/4 oz Chartreuse

1/2 oz Antica

1 Sugar Cube

1 pc wooden clip

1 pc of Cinnamon stick



Stir and strain into a rock glass with Jimmy Choo logo ice and Jimmy Choo Coaster. Garnish with a slice of lime with sugar cube on fire to burn the cinnamon stick.

Jimmy Choo Cocktails - Cotton Berry Cloud

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