Johnnie Walker to debut ‘smart bottle’

JOHNNIE WALKER has developed a connected smart bottle capable of delivering personalized messages – like promotional offers – to consumers with the use of printed sensor tags and NFC technology.

The smart bottle taps into Near Field Communication-enabled smartphones to bring an additional layer of security to products.

The technology will also be used as an additional marketing strategy.

Consumers who read the printed sensor tags that come affixed to the bottles with their smartphones will receive targeted messages that could include exclusive offers, cocktail recipes and added content.

Developed by Thin Film Electronics in Norway, OpenSense sensor tags can also detect if a bottle is sealed or has been tampered with by the tap of their smartphone.

Thin Film Electronics claims that unlike static QR codes that are easy to copy and often difficult to read, OpenSense tags are permanently encoded at the point of manufacture and cannot be copied or electronically modified.

The Johnnie Walker prototype bottle will be on display at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which takes place March 2-5.

Johnnie Walker to debut ‘smart bottle’

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