Joker Adds Fun Labels to Wine

Jeff Wysaski is one of those shopper who doesn’t just like to take, instead the serial sign maker likes to do his bit and give back, especially when he’s buying wine.

That’s because Wyaski, from the Obvious Plant blog, enjoys adding funny descriptions to the wines in his local wine retailer.

“Chardonnay? More like ChardonYAYYY” reads one, while another give a wine a five star review followed by “gave this to my pet goat and he love it!”.

It gets even crazier when you get to his pairing suggestions which include a merlot that pairs perfectly with ‘revenge’ and one that is sure to go well with ‘episodes of Desperate Housewives.’

Surely a funner way to describe wine that some of the bland signs you encounter on the supermarket isles.

Joker Adds Fun Labels to Wine

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