Koppert Cress – Architecture Aromatique

Although the history of Koppert Cress goes back to 1987, the major growth and success were initiated when Rob Baan took over the company in July 2002. Rob not only changed the name of the company to ‘Koppert Cress’, he also had a vision and a drive to do things differently.

With a long experience as a professional traveller, Rob came into contact with many cultures, ingredients and food habits. Being a passionate home-cooking chef himself, he was able to link his business knowledge from the seed industry with the culinary treasures he encountered on his travels.

Koppert Cress specializes in cresses; seedlings of unique plants, which each have their own specific effect on the senses. Flavour, fragrance, feel or presentation, there is a cress for all. And the assortment is widening. Every year at least one new item is added to the collection of Micro-vegetables. A collection, which is presented as ‘Architecture Aromatique’.

In 2006, the greenhouses, located in Monster in the Dutch ‘Westland’ area, were expanded to 1.7 ha and a brand new section was added to the facilities. After a grand opening, the company is now able to cope with the considerable growth experienced in the past years and the increasing interest. An interest that is stimulated on-site in the ‘Cressperience’.

Koppert Cress has a direct approach of these users, to ensure awareness and create demand for its unique products. Cressperience is a meeting room with demonstration kitchen, where chefs are introduced to the products and can experiment on end with them.Every day, more than 50 motivated staff of Koppert Cress supply the Dutch traders and wholesalers, who in turn distribute the micro-vegetables all over Europe and beyond. The end users of the products are mainly chefs, restaurants, caterers, hotels and food services. Reliable supply of the fresh and tasteful ingredients allows chefs to be creative and surprise their guests.

Since January 2007, Koppert Cress is also offering its products in the USA. In October last year special greenhouses were prepared on Long Island to generate a reliable supply of fresh produce. Co-operation and partnership with fruit and vegetable wholesalers guarantees the distribution over the entire US.

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