Koppert Cress Collection: Chilli Cress

Chilli Cress is a decorative and spicy taste maker. It is a strong plant with a good ‘bite’. In China it is mainly used with fish, in soup or salads and basically with anything that needs decorating. It is delicious radish substitute. Chilli Cress added to a mixed salad, is a bonus in presentation.

Chilli Cress is a very popular item in China, where it is used in many dishes. The Chilli Cress grows to become a large red green turnip, which is usually cooked, to give the dish a spicy flavour. As cress, it needs to be kept cold, to prevent the cress to grow too rapidly.

Availability and Storage
Chilli Cress is available year round and can easily be stored for up to ten days at a temperature of 2-4°C. When the plants are kept at a higher temperature the plant will continue growing and start using water from the medium. If this happens, there is no problem. Just wet the medium and put the plants back into the cooling. Produced in a socially responsible culture, Chilli Cress meets the hygienic kitchen standards. The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically. Chilli Cress is, as all the Koppert Cress cresses and specialties, produced according to the SQF 2000 guidelines.

Click HERE for video recipe with Chilli Cress.