Labinski krafi – the noblest pasta in Istria

There is a long standing tradition of pasta in Istria, a clear inflence of the Venetian republic that ruled the peninsula for centuries. Many types of pasta are still now made in a traditional way at home, like fuži, pljukanci and posutice, especially for some special occasion. The most noble pasta you can find here are surely Labinski krafi that are a kind of ravioli stuffed with mild cow’s grated cheese, raisins and lemon zest. They are coming from Labin, the most important town of the east Istrian coast. It is rare to find them elsewhere, impossible to buy it in a shop or find them on the menu of a restaurant.

They are very peculiar kind of pasta – it goes well either with salty or sweet sauces, probably beacuse the filling is slightly sweet. So, when you make them, you prepared at the same time the main dish and the dessert! In the role of the main dish you traditionally serve them with a sauce made from beef and chicken (hrv. šugo, a kind of goulash or ragout). As dessert, you can use a sauce made of cherries, some sugar and local red wine Teran that has spiky acidity, or you can just pour over them grated nuts, butter and some sugar.

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