Largest Yacht Ever Built in China is Officially Off the Market

Earlier in the month Pride Mega Yachts announced the sale of their massive vessel, Illusion, which is almost 300 feet long. While the company didn’t make any mention of who bought it and for how much, the delivery date is for 2015 and they affirmed that Illusion is the “largest yacht ever built in China,” so the price tag was probably pretty steep.

The sleek imposing luxury yacht has an ocean lounge on the lower deck, which opens right onto the water and is probably where we would spend our lazy days aboard Illusion. This is also where you will find the spa. The main deck lounge looks like a boutique hotel, showing off a modern design that gives tons of room. The floor-to-ceiling windows can even be covered up by a large movie screen for impromptu film screenings, while staircases lead up to the huge upper deck lounge.

The two VIP suites have open-space bathrooms, giving it a New York City loft feeling, while the guest suites have natural stone bathrooms and big storage spaces. But it’s really all about the owner state room, which was designed to promote spiritual and physical health. It has its own outside deck, a spa, his and hers bathrooms, a large dressing room, sauna, and an office—all private, of course.

A panorama lounge gives access to the sun deck, while the wheel house at the front looks like a spaceship cockpit, with state-of-the-art Rolls-Royce gadgets that control all the on board instruments.

Though these images are just renderings, if the real thing manages to match them, we can’t imagine a better looking luxury yacht than this one and we’re pretty jealous of the mysterious buyer.

Largest Yacht Ever Built in China is Officially Off the Market

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