Latest enhancement to the YachtEye product range

Oculus Technologies announce the latest enhancement to their YachtEye product range with the release of their new v2.0 software. YachtEye v2.0 offers increased service, easier NMEA installation and daily system-monitoring reports.

The new NMEA installation and configuration tool allows easier and faster YachtEye installation with system analysis and pre-connection tests. New monitoring software within v2.0 features daily operation checks and error logs and warnings on temperature, internet reliability and irregularities within the system.

In addition, an automatic daily log file is sent out from the YachtEye unit with the system status and flagged or raised warnings. All of the additional features provide automated assistance to add further efficiency, stability and continuous operation. YachtEye v2.0 is compatible with all existing and delivered YachtEye solutions.

Designed to be carried out remotely by Oculus Technologies, it is available as a standalone upgrade or as standard when YachtEye is upgraded with any module or variant, such as the addition of the iPad app.

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