“Lick it” not “Like it!”

If you fancy chewing down on a strawberry and cream flavored Marylyn Monroe or getting your chops round a rum flavored Che Guevara then take a look at these great ice lollies produced by Stoyn Ice sCreams.

They were created as a way to help brand the ambient marketing agency and feature a range of hyper real heads created from ice cream – including a butterfly pea flower flavored Mark Zuckerberg.

Darth Vader, Donald Duck, Mario and Mickey Mouse have all had an ice makeover with flavors such as banana and chocolate, cranberry and vodka and blueberry and licorice.

We can’t find anywhere to buy the ice creams online and we guess they’d melt before they arrived but if you’re anywhere near the Russian area of Butyrskiy we suggest you drop the agency a line and see if you can buy them locally.

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