Limited Edition Espresso Veloce Titanio

The website muses about the man behind the monster machine, whose “creative passion for high tech formula one engines and jet propulsion drove [him] to build the ultimate objects of desire”. The man is Paolo Mastrogiuseppe, Italian designer and visionary who combines his artistry and mechanical engineering background to craft gorgeous yet functional mechanical art.

In a sweet amalgamation of fast cars and great coffee, an unexpected triumph takes its form in the birth of the Espresso Veloce Titanio. This bad boy looks like a Grand Prix motor, but then again, it might as well be. It takes the essence of Grand Prix racing, where timing is measured right to the thousandth of a second, and puts it in the perspective of making the perfect cup of coffee. When it comes down to it, timing is critical both ways.

A gloriously innovative tribute to racing teams, automotive design engineers and motoring enthusiasts around the world, the Espresso Veloce translates to “espresso speed”.

These half-scale models of the 90’s Grand Prix engines are available in with V8, V10 or V12. The machines are produced in limited numbers, and are offered in custom color combinations: red, blue, orange, gunmetal, gold or black. Stainless steel and titanium make up the backbone of the Titanio, whose impressive 23 kilograms measures 38cm by 42cm by 34cm.

Limited Edition Espresso Veloce Titanio

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