Lobster Gin is Here for Your Crustaceous Cocktail Needs

Bizarre cocktail ingredients have become standard fare lately. When presented with a duck fat–infused whiskey or worm salt–rimmed glass, you probably don’t even bat an eye anymore.

The trend doesn’t seem to be dissipating anytime soon. Instead, it’s packed its scuba gear and is now ocean-bound. As reported by Munchies, Belgian chef Kristof Marrannes, of Michelin star–awarded restaurant Ter Leepe, will be releasing a lobster-infused gin later this month, after experimenting with macerating the crustacean in alcohol.

Why, you ask? Chef Marrannes needed a spirit that could pair seamlessly with his menu’s lobster dishes. So he turned to the clawed subjects typically reserved for bisque. After soaking in “pure alcohol” for two days, the raw lobsters are discarded and the infused juice distilled and mixed with regular gin. The result is the sweet and briny “Lobstar Premium Marine Gin.” At his restaurant, Marrannes will serve the gin with a side of tonic, along with parsley, lemongrass and lime, but he also suggests enjoying it as an aperitif.

As you might expect, not everyone’s thrilled about this shellfish-inspired endeavor. Animal rights activists worry that the lobsters suffer during their soak, and deem the experiment as wasteful. The chef insists that the process does not harm the lobsters, but if you’re of the same opinion as the activists, you’ll want to avoid this bottling when it’s released later this month.

Lobstar Premium Marine Gin, produced with the help of small-batch distiller Spirits by Design, will go on sale in late April and costs about $63. Learn how to get your hands on a bottle—which contains 200 grams of real lobster—and take your lobster feast to a whole new level.

Lobster Gin is Here for Your Crustaceous Cocktail Needs