Luxardo Sambuca Passione Nera – now available at Yacht Gourmet Croatia

In the tradition of Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari, the family Passione Nera recipe entails several levels of successive infusions to ensure a natural licorice aroma and anise flavor. Passione Nera is made from the infusion of green aniseed, elderberries and various spices. The flavor is different from traditional Sambuca, owing to a special blending of the spices focusing on cardamom, seeds of East Indian herbs and a member of the ginger family.

Sambuca Passione Nera is of purplish black color and has a markedly anise and licorice flavour, a Mediterranean-style Sambuca taste, with star anise at the forefront, with light, spicy hints of cardamom and coriander bringing a velvety sensation to the palate. The finish is rich in lovely licorice.

It should be served neat and chilled or on the rocks, but also goes well in coffee, in cocktail recipes or over vanilla ice cream.

Luxardo is Italy’s premier family liqueur producer. The Luxardo company is completely family owned, with the sixth generation of the family honoring the traditions established by Girolamo Luxardo in 1821. The Italian Chamber of Commerce awarded Luxardo a Special Commendation for their impressive enterprise in 2011.

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