M. de Turenne Sel Rose de l’Himalaya

Pink salt is a unique, exceptionally pure salt. It was created over 300 million years and is found in sedimentary rock that was once covered by a huge, prehistoric ocean near the area of ​​today’s Himalayan region.

Unlike the name suggests, it doesn’t come from the salt of the Himalayan region, but mainly from the salt mine in Khewra Salt Mountains in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

Over time, this “salt of life” was enriched with natural ingredients. It contains over 70 minerals and trace elements.

Himalayan salt is used like all other salts. You can grind the salt crystals in a salt grinder in order to use it as table salt. You can add it to the cooking water unground when cooking rice or noodles and soups.

It comes in a square, very noble and decorative glass.

Marguerite de Turenne was the last Lehnherrin of Bergerac. In her castle on the banks of the Dordogne in 1250 she set  the foundation for a legendary collection of recipes from the area. Even today, these records are used as recipes for production of traditional French delicacies.

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