Martell VSOP La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy

Martell VSOP launches a new limited edition bottle called La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy, adding the House of Martell’s underlying French legacy to the typically local expressions of the party. Embodying the creative collective energy of La French Touch, a French trend in the musical and artistic movement, now an international reference, the bottle expresses the vibe of contemporary club culture as envisioned by Martell VSOP in partnership with celebrated veteran electronic dance music DJ and visual artist Etienne de Crécy.

The limited edition, which bears De Crécy’s signature designs, incorporates neon lights to create an electrifying presence. La French Touch Limited Edition by Etienne de Crécy was unveiled at the Club Neon party held on 5 November 2015. The Club Neon party brought to life the Club Neon concept, which draws on the brazen elements of Singapore’s vernacular night entertainment.

Under the direction of creative collaborators Rapper ShiGGa Shay and henna artist Tiffany Tan, the Club Neon party embraced the bodacious themes affiliated with Singapore’s traditional night entertainment establishments that dot the city. Party-goers also enjoyed other aspects of vernacular nightlife such as the backstage of a cabaret, a karaoke-themed room, live band and beatbox performances and a game of dice comingle with the neon installations to complete the experience.

Martell VSOP La French

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