Matcha – What is It and Will We All Be Drinking it in 2015?

Bon Appétit have hit us all with a nice, albeit a little bit biased, piece on Matcha – what they claim is about to become the next big thing in tea – something us and number of market research companies corroborate.

The piece, which carries the tag, ‘Why Matcha is the Next Big Thing’, takes a closer look at the powered green tea, some of the interesting uses for the ingredient and a few of the reasons the drink has become a must for those craving a caffeinated hit without the sharp, leg tapping kick often associated with coffee.

It goes on to look at the preparation process of Matcha and how the ritual of brewing the drink is just as much a part of it’s attraction as the brews unique taste and high nutritional value.

It’s obvious that the author is well into her Matcha but the points made are interesting and really do help to shed some light on why Matcha is such a growing trend.

The piece also includes some interesting observations on the rise of Matcha cafes and some insight into how it may one day take over our high demands for coffee.

Matcha - What is It and Will We All Be Drinking it in 2015

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