Metal Rolling Pin Wins Design Award

As far as rolling pins go, this Aluminium deign which was just picked as the winner of the highly regarded Red Dot Design Award is one of the best around.

The main idea behind using aluminium is to keep the rolling pin cooler than the usual wooden designs, something that can be very useful when working with ingredients that easily melt.

The design is also laser etched with imperial and metric measurements which gives it a useful feature, especially for those trying precision tasks in the kitchen.

The rolling pin is available in fours colours: red, blue, slate and black and costs just over $63. It seems quite pricey for a rolling pin but the makers claim their’s is the best around.

It seems particularly good for any pastry chefs or home bakers who work with buttery dough a lot because the cool material cools everything down and prevents things from melting too quickly.

Metal Rolling Pin Wins Design Award

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