‘Minipresso,’ Great Coffee on The Go

Ever had a mad craving for espresso but there’s no coffee shop in sight? Perhaps you are on a road trip, camping or stuck in the office with a crappy coffeemaker. Well, say hello to the Minispresso, a hand-held espresso maker that’s about to change your life.

The Minipresso from Wacaco helps you prepare coffee shop-quality shots of espresso in just minutes without the need for electricity. Standing at just 6.95 inch tall, the Minispresso is activated with a few pumps that yield that perfect cup of espresso that is poured into a built-in cup.

What makes the Minipresso even more enticing is that it may be it sold with adapters for coffee grounds or caffitaly capsules. So if you are the type who enjoys coffee on the go, this hand-held espresso maker is for you.

Not into fist pumping coffee? Try this mini espresso maker that plugs into your car.

'Minipresso,' Great Coffee on The Go

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