Moët & Chandon vintage

Celebrating the launch of Grand Vintage Rosé 2004, Moët & Chandon hosted the highly anticipated Rosé Collection Grand Tasting in Paris and Epernay, France, for a select number of the world’s most prestigious wine specialists. The exclusive event honoured not only Moët & Chandon’s modern vision of fine rosé but also paid tribute to the House’s longstanding heritage of excellence in rosé champagnes.  A first-of-its-kind vertical tasting was the focal point of the exclusive gathering: To mark the release of Grand Vintage Rosé 2004 the eminent guests sampled an impressive and historical array of the House’s finest vintage rosé champagnes.

Among the marvels sampled by the wine world’s biggest names was a true rarity, the 135-year-old Grand Vintage Rosé 1878. Moet & Chandon’s oldest existing vintage rosé, this landmark wine has benefitted from over a century of maturation in the ideal conditions of the House’s legendary cellars. Recently re-discovered by Chef de Cave Benoit Gouez, Grand Vintage Rosé 1878 is indeed a powerful and enduring symbol of the House’s expertise and experience in crafting the most distinguished rosé champagnes.

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