Movie Directors as Chefs

What if movie directors were chefs? It’s a big what if and one that you probably haven’t considered before, until now.Movie Directors as Chefs  01

Thanks to these fun illustrations from Cheekylicious we can all know marvel in the idea of film directors in charge of our menus.

Movie Directors as Chefs  02

The fun comics depict famous directors as they stand in front of their creations and describe them in speech bubbles.

Christopher Nolan offers up some “exquisite cuisine that makes your feel smart” while David Lynch says his “food is the expression of our primal desire reflecting on itself” as he standing in front of what looks like a burger alien.

It’s totally crazy but lots of fun. Shame not to see Peter Jackson kicking out his beer battered onion rings.

Movie Directors as Chefs  03

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Movie Directors as Chefs  04