Need a Reason to Charter a Yacht for Your Next Vacation? We Have Seven

Whatever destination around the world you might choose for your holiday there is a fantastic charter yacht waiting for you. Chartering a luxury yacht is perhaps the best way to explore the wonders of the world, and here are seven reasons why you should embark on this unforgettable journey and never look back.

1. Made-to-Measure

In choosing to spend your vacation aboard a superyacht, you can be sure to have everything just the way you want it. Your holiday will be created based on your desires and dreams, as well as those joining you on this unforgettable voyage. A charter agent will help you to find the best suitable yacht and, together with the Captain and his crew, organize a personalized itinerary to sail to destinations and places you always dreamt of.

2. Freedom and Flexibility

Imagine waking up surrounded by tranquil waters, morning summer breeze and a cup of your favorite coffee already waiting for you. This liberating feeling will accompany you throughout your entire holiday, free of unwanted crowds and tourists. A whole range of water toys and equipment are at your disposal to use whenever you desire, or you can simply relax in a private Jacuzzi or sunbathe on board with your favorite book in hand. Of course, flexibility means that you can take the tender and visit the local towns, cities, beaches, historical monuments and even enjoy the crowds if you decide to.

3. Luxury and Attention to Detail

Everything aboard a superyacht has been created with luxury, comfort and indulgence in mind. Yacht designers and builders create super yachts with fine attention to detail and highest quality of craftsmanship possible. Crew members prepare everything you need before your actual arrival, so when you step aboard you feel right at home. The spacious on board staterooms are beautifully styled and decorated, offering the latest in design, facilities and state-of-the-art entertainment systems.

4. Secluded Corners of the World

Explore secluded destinations such as Antarctica, Pacific Islands, Alaska, Scandinavia or Northern Europe aboard a luxury superyacht for a vacation of your lifetime. Or instead, simply charter a yacht to cruise the Mediterranean or the Caribbean coastline discovering hidden coves, islets and islands that can only be approached by boat. Nothing can compare to an adventurous holiday away from the usual everyday life, without losing the warmth, comfort and luxury of your own “home.”

5. Privacy and Peace

Nowadays, privacy is an important part of our lives and is often very hard to achieve. Chartering a superyacht will help you to get away from all that hustle and bustle and enjoy precious time with family and friends to the fullest. You can have fabulous al-fresco meals cooked to perfection by your personal chef and enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings anchored away from the coastline—perhaps hidden behind a small abandoned island or in the midst of breathtaking fiords. Most of the large superyachts have the crew quarters completely separated from guest areas, which allows for even more privacy without any compromise on the exceptional and professional service.

6. Professional and Highly Trained Crew

During your yacht rental holiday you will be looked after by a highly skilled and professional superyacht crew, making sure you have a fantastic experience and your holiday is truly something that you will never forget. The crew makes sure all your desires, needs and wishes are met, creating the best holiday you could ever imagine. Everything revolves around offering the best service and organizing activities that are most suited to your personality—as well as mood. You might want to relax aboard the entire time or you might want to embark on an activity-filled adventure of a lifetime. Your private will create a personalized menu based on fresh local produce of wherever you’re anchored near, full of your favorite dishes and those of your guests.

7. New Horizons Every Day

In chartering a yacht, you could wake up to new horizons every day and enjoy the ever-changing view from a very different perspective, all while only having to unpack your luggage once. Beautiful coastlines, romantic sea-side villages, mountains, islands, beaches and horizons are even more spectacular when viewed from a distance out in the sea.

Need a Reason to Charter a Yacht for Your Next Vacation- We Have Seven

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