New at Yacht Gourmet Croatia – Natura Tartufi!

Back in 1962, due to difficult economic situation in the north-western Istria, many families had no sufficient resources for feeding and clothing their youngest ones, not even for school books.

Such situation also befell Mr Kvinto and Mrs Anita Zigante –  residents of Sovinština, an area encompassing several villages around the town of Buzet – who began searching for truffles together with their dogs at the very young age of 7 to earn some income and thus make their lives and material situation easier.

After years of forest walks in search of truffles, recognising their values, they saw the possibilities these precious tubers opened, the increased demand for them and decided to take the next step: in 1992, they opened their own company, Natura d.o.o., specialised in purchase, search and distribution of fresh truffles both in home and foreign markets.


Since truffles are characterised by seasonality (and are demanded during the whole year), the goal was to enable their consummation during the whole year, and a new product line was introduced under the brand of Natura tartufi.

Even today, after 47 years from the very beginnings, acquired know-how, values and esteem towards truffles, our brand, Natura tartufi, enables and guarantees to our clients not only top quality fresh truffles, but also top quality preserved products based on truffles.

Fresh truffles – White truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico), Black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum)

Preserved white truffle – whole – 50g

Preserveded black truffle – whole – 17g, 30g, 65 g

Cow cheese with truffles – 350g/piece

Truffle honey – 100g