New Champagne film offers 360 degree views of vineyards, cellars

A new Champagne film that allows mobile and tablet users to rotate their view by 360 degrees has been launched to promote the region’s vineyards and cellars following its UNESCO World Heritage status.

The 360 degrees, 3D Champagne film was released at the weekend, with several Champenois – including Bruno Paillard – donning special goggles to get the full immersive experience (see photo below).

Champagne lovers can watch the film on Youtube via their phones or tablets and it is available in English, Chinese, French and Japanese, said the Comité Champagne, which created it.

Moving the device left or right, and up or down, changes the view, while wearing 3D goggles is intended to offer a more immersive experience.

New Champagne film

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