New Device Cooks for You and Never Burns Food

Walking away from the stove for a few minutes only to find you’ve burned your food is really annoying, which is why two inventors from Seattle have created a device they say will put a stop to the problem.

Meld is a device that can monitor the temperature of food you’re cooking and make changes to the heat of your stove.

It works with two devices, a simple temperature sensor that sits on the edge of your pan and the Meld Knob which fits on your existing stove knob and alters the temperature when needed.

The application of heat is one of the keys of great cooking and something that chefs take years to learn. The makers of Meld say this simple upgrade to your existing cookware will help us all cook perfect meals, ‘just like a professional chef’.

The makers are currently looking for crowd sourced investment on Kickstarter to help launch their product.

New Device Cooks for You and Never Burns Food

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